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This Application is used for Managing and Monitoring Product(s) or Item(s) stock levels, Suppliers and customersfor all kinds of businesses that include; Supermarkets Ware houses,Retail & Whole sale.

A software developed to equip Driving schools with Convinience at finger tips. Finances,scheduling of training sessions, monitoring of students, Instructors and school branches' progress.

Health Times
The secret tool hospitals are using and recommending their patients for auto remiders, Doctor communication & appointments. Delivering Health services seamlessly.

Bus Ticketing System
The Application allows travelers to book bus tickets for different Buses, routes & destinations. Choose a bus, Find Bus Schedules, Check Seat Availability,Reserve bus tickets online.

Super market POS
Are you a supermarket owner,store or shop manager? You don't need to be there to know it all. The sales, the stock, high or low in demand products. You can access all this and more from anywhere at anytime.

Deliver Ug
Courier Management Software for handling packages following the logistics of storage and package handling to their final destination, as well as managing senders, Receivers and drivers.

Equip school
learn how Equip school has reduced the amount of work done by teachers at school. Auto grading and report card printing made easy for you, Finance management & more. Get it now

Business Directory
This Application has a publically searchable database. Your organization or company needs a directory known by the world to Publish your contact(s)used by the customers new & old to contact you.

Hostel In
A software developed for Student's hostels,Rentals and accomodation facilities providers. Students can book hostel or Rentals online. Custodians can manage students, Rooms and payments.

R&U Recruitment
R&U Stands for Rural and Urban This Application software Connects registered employees to employeers. Recruitment companies or Agencies find their best candidates using R&U Recruitment platform.

Hello world, forget about the funny tiny cars you get when you order for one. you can now Choose a car of your liking,everytime you need to go for a ride, shopping, parties, school and much more.

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